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October 17, 2013

SPY 1720.00


KYE Watching to buy. Update Nov 6.  Do not buy right now.

IBM Watching to Buy.  Support around $169.00

GYLD Evaluating.

The Republicans caved, we now have a delay until early next year when we can go through this travesty all over again.  The markets will probably trend upward in the months ahead.

There is really not much you can do right now.  I am watching one single solitary position for a buy:  KYE a closed end fund for the IRA.  This should drop down to a price I want….around $27.50  Gold has absolutely tanked and GGN could be a buy at fire sale prices.  Gold has been manipulated down and is due for a turnaround.  (Update:  Buy GGN for 14%.)

In the spirit of Halloween, the following article is scary stuff.

(From Harvard)  The U.S. debt, which has jumped 55 percent under President Obama, is now so high that if working Americans had to pay their full share, the bill would be over $123,000, according to a new Harvard University Institute of Politics study of the nation’s empty bank accounts.

The school’s fiscal 2012 Annual Report of the USA, which examines the federal budget, put the total debt at $16.7 trillion. But that’s such a big number that the student authors tried to put it in perspective.

For example, that $16.7 trillion, which would go up under Obama’s debt ceiling plan the House and Senate are considering, is equal to:

– About $53,000 per every inhabitant of the United States, including children and the unemployed

– $123,000 if averaged out to employed Americans

– If converted into pennies and stacked, would be a column that would reach to the moon and back more than 3,350 times

Quote of the Day:  If right this moment you went out and started spending one dollar every single second, it would take you more than 31,000 years to spend one trillion dollars.

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