October 11, 2013

Update October 14:  We have to assume the clowns in Washington will solve this shutdown on Wednesday nite—the deadline.  You should look for bargains and buy those positions that you want on Tuesday or Wednesday.

Update October 13:  It appears Washington will not settle until the deadline, so we may get some buying opportunities early in the week.  Watch KYE to buy long at lower prices.  (Don’t miss Captain Phillips with Tom Hanks, this is a super thriller altho reports say it is not an accurate depiction.)

SPY 1703.00

IBM Watching to buy long.

KYE Update Oct 16  Continue watching to buy at $27.52 in IRA.

Kayne Anderson Energy Total Return KYE is a closed end fund that has been acting  very well.  It holds MLPs and is a good holding for your IRA.

KYE went ex-dividend on October 2, fell, and is now heading upward.  This is an excellent buy anywhere close to $28.15.  (Update:  This spiked up…wait to try and get a lower price closer to $28.15.)  If it drops next week you should ADD to the position.

I have been updating current posts in the blog, so please check in for current thoughts.

New Poll:  “Let’s start with the most-recent NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll, where 60 percent of those Americans polled said they would replace the entire Congress in the same election if they could—including their own representative.”

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2 comments on “KYE BUY TODAY IN IRA ACCOUNT 6.9%

  1. […] positions.  I have talked about numerous suggestions in prior posts.  I am still looking at KYE and GYLD both of which I have […]

  2. […] (Update Oct 31)  KYE  ALERT  BUY order at $28.15 which is support.  Buy more if it goes lower, which it might. […]

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