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October 9, 2013

SPY 1654.00

IBM.  Watching.

VNR BUY $27.31

KYE Buy $28.15.  Closed end fund of MLPs suitable for IRA Account.  6.9%

The Clowns in Washington continue with their stupidity while the markets tank and Americans hurt.  What a disgrace.

Market momentum is down and I would not be shocked to see panic selling.  Eventually we should get a a huge buying opportunity…..believe it or not.

When this mess is settled, which could be weeks away. you should have cash available to buy stuff at bargain prices.  So sit tight and do nothing…do not buy,,,do not sell.  The smart investor waits for these types of opportunities which only come a few times a year.

Of course there is the possibility they will settle this mess within the next week.  Its impossible to tell.  So be alert.

Bottom line:  as a dividend investor you are not overly concerned about swings in the market.  If you own quality positions you just sit back and earn the dividends.

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