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October 7. 2013

SPY 1690.00

I am so glad that the liberal media is finally…..finally reporting about the egregious fraud in the disability program.  45% of the claims are suspect.  If you have not watched the 60 Minutes story, do so immediately.  It is YOUR taxes that is paying for the free-loaders.

In fairness, this horrible situation is only the symptom.  The underlying problem is the huge unemployment situation in this country and the Administration refuses to address it…..they want to move people to disability thereby REDUCING the unemployment numbers, making the Administration look better….. more here.


On the financial market front, we may be seeing the start of a market correction that I talked about last week.  The market opened lower today but recovered up to the Fridays close.  Do Not buy anything right now.  It appears we may see further declines, with a Potential Buy Signal down the road.  It looks like we May go down to SPY 1668 where you might see buyers coming in.

Watch SDIV and VNR….buy VNR anywhere close to $27.31.  They have been discussed in prior posts.

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