Lay Low. Possible Correction Coming.

September 28, 2013

SPY 1689.00

I talked about GEK the General Electric Preferreds on Wednesday and they spiked up.  Amazing stuff.  If you got this at the lows you are one happy camper.

The market SPY also spiked up a week ago and has been declining ever since.  Bernanke and the FED are making matters worse and causing uncertainty.  If the DOPES in Washington don’t get their act together I think we will see continued declines next week.  But when this mess is resolved we should see upward action again….where we might get a buying opportunity.

The corrupt politicians are a disgrace…on both sides of the aisle.  As they say, we have the best government money can buy.  I have never seen anything like it  Again, amazing stuff.

I suggest laying low.  But do watch VNR my favorite MLP.  It appears VNR will continue declining following the ex-dividend date and you should be able to pick up some shares on sale.  We may get down to $27.00 but you just have to watch the charts.  Also watch SDIV.  This is a diversified global fund that would be especially good if you have a small portfolio…gives you diversification to high dividend payers.  I am waiting for ex-dividend date.  (Update Sept 30:  Watching closely to BUY probably within the next week.)

Update on LNCO:  Still Holding

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2 comments on “Lay Low. Possible Correction Coming.

  1. […] (Go Here For Update) (July Update:  VNR is at $27.00 today.  The technicals look good.  This would be the place to BUY.  If you want to be more cautious buy IF it hits $27.41.) […]

  2. […] (Update:  Click Here for Update.)  This Thursday, VNR a master limited partnership goes ex-dividend.  This thing is looking terrific and you should buy, if you dont already own or add to the position in your taxable account once it pulls back.  It is paying almost 9%.  Price today is $27.87 and I would try to buy between $27 and $27.40  Most MLPs are valued too high right now, but VNR is a steady eddy and is not overvalued. […]

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