VNR MLP’s Looking Good. Buy Now. 9%

July 18, 2013

Update:  VNR was sold.

(Go To September Update)  Vanguard Natural Resources LLC (VNR) is a master limited partnership (MLP) that is a great addition to a taxable account.

I tried to get VNR back on May 2, but decided to wait.  I suggest you buy VNR right now and collect the dividend of 9%.  This is a quality investment that you can hold forever.  (Click here for prior comments.) 

I like the MLP space right now and am actively looking at names to buy.  But income investors have been chasing this category and it is over priced.  So you have to be careful in choosing positions.  Keep in mind that positions mentioned in this blog are meant for long term holds-dividend investments will go up and down and up………….that is normal.

VNR offers an additional benefit of monthly payment.  This is suitable for taxable accounts, not IRAs.  (LNCO is your choice if you have to buy in the IRA.)

Go to “HOME” (top of page) for the most current posts.  (Please respond to POLL Click Here)  This blog discusses dividend paying investments that I find appropriate for myself…..and for investors seeking dividends and income.  I am not an investment professional.  You must do your own research before buying any position.  All gains or losses that you realize are based on your choices.


6 comments on “VNR MLP’s Looking Good. Buy Now. 9%

  1. […] VNR is a buy under $28.00 It may get back to $27.85.  I had hoped it would drop to $27.50 but it is just too strong. […]

  2. […] Thursday, VNR a master limited partnership goes ex-dividend.  This thing is looking terrific and you should buy, […]

  3. […] I mentioned VNR a few weeks back and it has gone ex-dividend.  It is holding nicely and you can ADD to positions.  (See prior comments.) […]

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