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PHD Floats Your Boat. Buy. 6.8%

July 29, 2013 SPY:  1686.00 (Update August:  Buy around $12.60 altho it may drop a bit.  Update August:  More and more of the financial advisors that I respect and listen to, are recommending the floating rate segment.  Buy now while the gettin is good.  You should also be selling medium and long term bond funds, […]


July 26, 2013 SPY:  1691.00 The printing presses keep running.  Bernanke will not let this market go down despite a lousy economy and bad earnings reports.  This administration is committed to printing more money to prop up the financial markets.  Barring a huge natural or man-made disaster, the highest probability says the markets will go […]

Buy Short Term Bond Fund DLTNX 5%

July 24, 2013 If you hold medium and long term bond FUNDS or bond etf’s I suggest you start thinking about getting rid of them.  When the Fed starts raising rates (probably within the next year) you will be hurt.  (If you own individual long term bonds, and hold them to maturity, you are fine.  […]

VNR MLP’s Looking Good. Buy Now. 9%

July 18, 2013 Update:  VNR was sold. (Go To September Update)  Vanguard Natural Resources LLC (VNR) is a master limited partnership (MLP) that is a great addition to a taxable account. I tried to get VNR back on May 2, but decided to wait.  I suggest you buy VNR right now and collect the dividend […]

GOF Excellent CEF. Pays 9%

July 18, 2013 SPY 1689.00 (GOF was sold) Bernanke has been spewing sugar coated words faster than you can say Tony the Tiger.   He will do anything to keep this market going higher.  And that is the highest probability right now. As I write this, we are sitting at 1689.00 on the SPY. I suggest […]

14.3% Unemployment

July 17, 2013 SPY 1675.00 You won’t see this in the liberal press or from the Administration.  Author is Mort Zuckerman-Wall Street Journal “That’s just for starters. The survey includes part-time workers who want full-time work but can’t get it, as well as those who want to work but have stopped looking. That puts the […]

SWJ We Love Those Power Tools!

July 12, 2013 SPY 1673.00 SWJ Stanley Black and Decker Jr Subordinated Debentures (Update September 2013:  This is a steal at $22.00.  BUY)  Everyone in the world knows the Stanley Black & Decker brand name: a manufacturer of hand tools and a whole host of other noise making machines.  Investing in this world wide premier […]

JZK Ring. Ring. Buy Sprint. Paying 7%

July 9, 2013 SPY:  1652.00 JZK is the symbol for buying Sprint Nextel Corporation third party trust preferreds.  This is an excellent….excellent low risk opportunity to get almost 7% and you can plan on holding this for years and years.  Wow what an easy way to earn a relatively high yield. I would suggest up […]

SH What’s That? (AND NEW POLL)

July 5, 2013 OUCH  Rates are going even higher.  (Now 2.72)  This is not good.  We remain in a trading range but the technicals still indicate further weakness. July 2, 2013 SPY:  1615.00 NEUTRAL It is looking more and more like this market is going to go DOWN.  Treasury rates are staying high and thats […]

LNCO Hold On For A Rough Ride

July 2, 2013 Go to “Investments Core Portfolio” for current holdings. (Update August 2013:  In retrospect I should have dumped LNCO.  A rule in investing………never fall in love with a stock.  And I broke the rule.  This dud continues to decline and the news is bad.  But, the loss is now so bad (its still […]