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Fed Saves The Day

June 15, 2013 Interest rates went up and the markets went down.  Berrnie is riding in to save the day by buying Treasuries.  He has to make Obammer look good….and boy does he need it.  (Update:  I see his poll ratings are dropping like a rock.)  There is no way they are going to let […]

Stay The Course Buy VNRSP

June 13, 2013 A well known advisor that I have followed for a hundred years made this statement recently: “There’s no economic boom underway, or on the horizon. Bond yields will calm down again soon.” Another advisor states:  “What you are seeing now is emotion-driven selling (creating buying opportunities for many); the Fed has announced […]

Twiddling Our Thumbs

Wednesday June 12, 2013 We are still sitting here twiddling our thumbs.  Stock markets are parked in Neutral and consolidating but things are looking weak.  We could break out up OR down. For dividend investments, the safe route is to do nothing.  Keep what you have but certainly do not sell.   Wait and watch.  […]

Key Reversal and Markets Probably Going Higher-BUY FTF

June 8, 2013 It has been a nail-biting week. The markets dropped five percent and almost right on que, bounced off Support. So what to do now.  We are STILL consolidating….or to put it another way we are parked in Neutral.  But it appears the route of highest probability is for the markets to climb […]

Exciting News From DoubleLine: New Floating Rate Bond Fund DLFRX

June 5, 2013 DoubleLine Opens Floating Rate Fund To The Public..Bringing Attention To Bank Loans As An Asset Class Above is the headline in one of my favorite websites: I suggest you read the article.  As readers of this blog know, I am a big fan of DoubleLine and have talked about the funds […]

Is It Over Yet?????

((Update June 5:  Markets tanking on Wednesday.  Looks like a five percent pullback and probably going back up within the next week.)) Well boys and girls, this is not my idea of a good time. All of the smart people I listen to (and they really are the smart ones when it comes to financial […]