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Are We Having Fun Yet

June 28, 2013

SPY:  1610.00

Stock Market:  Weak.  Volume is down.  The moving averages are turning down.  Momentum is down. The Treasury 10 year rate is NOT coming down—and it has to in order for stocks to go up.  As I mentioned yesterday I would have sold anything showing a profit—just to lock in any gains.  Click here to read more.

Gold GGN:  If you own GGN hold on and collect your dividends.  Certainly do NOT buy or add right now.  The gold market is being held down artificially to support the Dollar.  Goldman Sachs is allegedly involved with this scam.  Gold will go UP later this year.

LNCO:  If you own LNCO, HOLD it.  Momentum is down but this is one of my faves.

Bonds:  I have talked abut DLTNX before…Click Here to Read.  This is probably the best bond fund you can own, especially if you are a dividend investor reading this blog.  Pays monthly, around 5%.  Numerous financial advisors really like this fund.  Managed by one of the best in the business.  DLTNX may come down a little in the coming weeks and you should be buying or adding to current positions.

Individual Corporate Bonds:  A buy if you can find good quality with decent yields but you have to hold to maturity. (Click here for new recommendation.)

See the Update on Floating Rate Funds Here.  I would buy some here at current prices, if you dont already own.

Go to “HOME” (top of page) for the most current posts.  (Please respond to POLL Click Here)  This blog discusses dividend paying investments that I find appropriate for myself…..and for investors seeking dividends and income.  I am not an investment professional.  You must do your own research before buying any position.  All gains or losses that you realize are based on your choices.

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