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Are We Having Fun Yet

June 28, 2013 SPY:  1610.00 Stock Market:  Weak.  Volume is down.  The moving averages are turning down.  Momentum is down. The Treasury 10 year rate is NOT coming down—and it has to in order for stocks to go up.  As I mentioned yesterday I would have sold anything showing a profit—just to lock in any […]

Right Now Selling Anything That Has A Profit

June 27, 2013 (Update:  Rates are coming down on Thursday so it appears Bernanke or someone IS coming in trying to save the markets. It is now possible we could see the markets start to consolidate and stay flat….we could sit in Neutral.  Volume is low.  We are seeing Lower Highs.  We are bumping up […]

Same Story Different Day

June 25, 2013 The markets opened higher today, Tuesday……..  BUT….unless the ten year Treasury rates (2.55 this morning) come down, the markets will turn down again.  The rally today indicates to me that Bernanke may be planning on saying something today to try and prop up the markets. We are sitting in Reverse.  Momentum is […]

Scary Stuff ie Is The Party Over.

June 21, 2013 (Update:  The ten year bond rates went even higher.  The stock market is going Down unless they get the rates down.) As I write this ten year yields are 2.49%.  Very scary. If this does not start coming down, we are in for a wild ride.  If you own dividend payers I […]

FOMC Causes Tremors

June 19,2013 Poor old Bernnie, he just cant get it right.  He answers a question talking about evaluating the economy later this year and the markets tanked.  But he doesnt care since he is leaving anyway.  And Obammer could care less as he is not up for re-election. What a fiasco. We are still in […]

The Fix Is In

June 18, 2013 The FOMC is meeting and their announcement is tomorrow. Increasing interest rates are causing havoc and Berrnie is going to do everything possible to calm investors.  The stock market has been going up for two days and I think the fix is in.  All the insiders and big boys on Wall Street […]

Media Bias….Ya Think!!!!

If you want to know anything about anything read The Sunday New York Times.  By far the best most comprehensive rag in the Nation. Except of course if you want to know about Benghazi, the IRS scandal, or the NSA scandal.  Not a peep, a word, a paragraph. What a disgrace.  This left wing outfit […]