GGN Is gold setting up for a buy.

This blog provides comments and thoughts on the financial markets and specifically—dividend producing investments.

(Update June:  Gold is a disaster, stay away.  But if you own it, HOLD on.)

For the gold bugs, the shiny metal may be setting up for a buy….finally.

Gold has been tanking for a long time.  But we are seeing consolidation, which means a “floor” of Support may be forming.

GGN Gamco Global Gold Resources is a dividend payer which is running at 12%.  This is a core holding which you can hold forever.  Buy a tiny bit and if GGN continues upward, add to your positions—but only up to 1% of the portfolio.  I think GGN will prove to be a terrific investment in months and years to come.

I have talked about GGN is prior posts if you would like more information.  Or Yahoo Finance is a good resource.

Additional commentary is posted in the right margin under ‘Recent Posts’ and in ‘Background’ and ‘Investments’ at the top of the page.  Bookmark this blog and visit often!

I am not an investment professional.  You must do your own research before buying any position.  All gains or losses that you realize are based on your choices.


5 comments on “GGN Is gold setting up for a buy.

  1. […] A short note on the dividend paying GGN.  It appears we hit a low on gold today and it bounded up.   GGN should be bought here if you see a continued trend upward starting on Friday. This is a nice play to earn 9% […]

  2. […] GGN our gold holding is also a buy.  It looks like GGN will continue upward into 2014. […]

  3. […] (June:  Click here for update.) […]

  4. […] By the way, it appears gold has Finally reached bottom.  What a terror that has been.  Look at GGN to buy. […]

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