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DHY Credit Suisse High Yield Bond Fund

March 15 (Update July 2013:  SOLD) DHY just went ex-dividend and the price has dropped sharply to $3.18.  Pays almost 10%. This is a good entry point for those interested in a high yield bond fund that pays a great dividend.  You may be able to get DHY for a few pennies under $3.18 but […]

PHD Floating Rate Funds Time to Buy?

(Update April 16:  from Barrons:  “”Daniel Gamba, who heads the iShares institutional ETF business at BlackRock, was just on CNBC talking about the popularity of floating-rate funds such as the iShares Floating Rate Note ETF (FLOT), which he says has quadrupled in size (my colleague Brendan Conway wrote recently that floating rate ETFs ballooned in size by 83% in the […]

GGN Buy or Add

Go to “Investments Core Portfolio” for current holdings. (June:  Click here for update. Gold is a disaster, stay away.  IF you own it already HOLD it) (Update April:  Gold is on sale.  Buy)  Back in December I said GGN would go down 5-10%.  Well, it dropped 15% but is now rebounding and is down about […]

Financial System Rigged

(Copied from Bloomberg.  I do not copy and paste stuff from other sites, but everyone should read this.) Our system is rigged. Unfair. Hopelessly neglectful of the little guy. All true. But do you really have a better choice? Did you honestly think Washington was going to let it all fail—and for good? After all, […]

U.S. Treasuries a Losing Proposition

Monday (Update:  I had to laugh with Buffetts comments that came out today after I wrote this posting:  He said Treasuries were the worst investment and he likes stocks.) Sunday If you own Treasuries or Treasury Bond Funds, sell em.  For two reasons: –Treasuries don’t pay anything.  But you can earn good dividends by buying […]


(November Update:  With the potential increase in interest rates, do not buy.  Sell at breakeven if you own.) I talked about SPFF last month.  SPFF holds preferred shares and pays 7.55%…..nice. If you do not want to take the time to investigate and buy single issues, the diversification of SPFF is for you. Just went […]