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To Buy or Not To Buy. And Misc. Musings

The markets are over-extended.  The technicals are saying we may get a small pullback, providing a buying opportunity.  It appears the institutional buyers (the big money) are selling bonds, and when we get a small pullback, they will use the ‘bond money’ to buy stocks ……making the market go even higher.  At that point, it  may be a good time to add or buy to the dividend payers.

Off Topic Comments

1.  Wow the Republicans are really caving on the debt issues.  What a travesty.

2.  Living in a downtown metro area, I walk by a lot of houses….and am seeing  the recently delivered new Yellow Pages rotting on the sidewalk.  It looks like half of the books never get inside the house.  People don’t even lean over to throw this buggy whip in the trash.  omg who in the world uses the Yellow Pages?  If I were and advertiser I would be asking for huge discounts.  Why are they wasting enormous energy and resources to print this thing.


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