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Frustration Stock Market Overbought Waiting for Pullback

(Click Here) You want to buy when there is ‘blood running in the street’.  And we ain’t there!

I am looking at numerous high dividend paying issues but everyone and their brother are pushing the prices higher and higher.  People now want dividend payers.  Many of my potential buys are skyrocketing.  IF you had the guts to buy months back you are a happy camper.

In bonds, corporate bonds are being called right and left.  If you buy a quality corporate now you are lucky to get 5%.

Floating rate bond funds looked good but they are too high for my taste.  As an example, I mentioned PHD way back in December.

So what to do.  Wait and hope for a pullback, which we may get depending on how the earnings season plays out. We may get a tiny pullback but it won’t be much.

If there is any opportunity now, it’s probably Shorting Stocks.  Maybe the upcoming debt ceiling fiasco will provide buying long opportunities for divi payers.


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