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To Buy or Not To Buy. And Misc. Musings

The markets are over-extended.  The technicals are saying we may get a small pullback, providing a buying opportunity.  It appears the institutional buyers (the big money) are selling bonds, and when we get a small pullback, they will use the ‘bond money’ to buy stocks ……making the market go even higher.  At that point, it  […]

Frustration Stock Market Overbought Waiting for Pullback

(Click Here) You want to buy when there is ‘blood running in the street’.  And we ain’t there! I am looking at numerous high dividend paying issues but everyone and their brother are pushing the prices higher and higher.  People now want dividend payers.  Many of my potential buys are skyrocketing.  IF you had the […]

PER Royalty Trust Sandridge Permian Trust Paying A Baker’s Dozen

(Update:  SOLD PER)  Sandridge Permian Trust is a royalty income trust that can be purchased at $18.56, paying about 13%.  This was way up at $24 but appears to be bottoming.  If you are not familiar with a royalty trust, be sure and conduct some research to ensure you understand what you own.  PER is […]

AAPL Apple Looking Sweet (Update: it soured)

(Update:  It looked like Apple was setting up to increase, but its tanking today.  Forget about this thing.)  This site is all about dividends, and Apple does not pay divis.  But if you can’t resist, AAPL is setting up for a buy long.  IF it starts heading up to $540 you can start buying.  (In […]

OBammer is Smart (Ya Think?)

The lame stream media is reporting that OBammer repeatedly told Boner, during the fiscal crisis, that the United States doesn’t have a spending problem. We are told OBammer is smart.  I would beg to differ……… It becomes apparent why Boner no longer will directly negotiate with OBammer. (If you like this site, add to your […]

Social Security Withholding Goes UP

The Dems are shocked…….shocked…….that their taxes are going up!!!!!  LOLOL  The blogosphere is angry. Come on Liberals, this Administration is tax and spend.  You voted for him.

In Deep DooDoo

Interesting discussion on CNBC with the CEO of Wells Fargo.  Think of the US as a family:  we have a $22K income, $38K in expenses…..and a credit card bill of $163K.  We will never get out of debt.  When will Americans wake up and force the dimwits in Washington to do something?

BDCS Business Development Companies Strong

January 21 Business Development Companies have been on a tear for years. Watch BDCS  Wells Fargo Business Development Company ETN, a “fund” of BDCs.  Paying over 7%. We see continued strength in this sector and BDCS can be purchased in small amounts.  But we may see a possible pullback in late January to add new […]