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(Update:  This thing is taking off like a rocket.  Do not buy at current prices.)  SDIV could be a buy if we get a pullback.  The ex divi date was Dec 3 and may give a decline and better entry price.  Below is a description that I copied from a web site.  SDIV pays around 7%.

Global X Funds, the New York-based provider of exchange-traded funds (ETFs), today announced that the Global X SuperDividend” ETF (Ticker: SDIV) has reached $100 million in assets, shortly after the one-year mark. According to IndexUniverse, August 2012, SDIV was the highest yielding dividend ETF.* It provides exposure to 100 companies worldwide that rank among the highest dividend yielding equity securities in the world.  It offers exposure to a broad range of sectors and countries, many on hard-to-access foreign exchanges.

“While there are numerous dividend-producing ETFs in the market, SDIV is one-of-a-kind,” said Oren Guzman from Lifetime Financial Group. “The Global X SuperDividend ETF is a well-diversified, non-leveraged product that has the highest dividend yield*, and has shown lower volatility than comparable dividend ETFs.”

“The Global X SuperDividend ETF, with over $100 million in assets and a 30-day average daily volume of over 100,000 shares, has been one of the fastest growing products by inflows over the last year,


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  1. […] back in December I started watching SDIV.  (Click here to read.)  It was running around $22.00 and ran all the way up to $24.00  I never did buy because it was […]

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