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GGN Gold Sparkles in 2013

December 27 GGN.  The Gabelli Global Gold, Natural Resources and Income Trust is a closed ended equity mutual fund.  Gold has been tanking but it appears we are approaching a buying opportunity:  either add to positions or buy long.  Pays 11% dividend. Buy up to one percent of your portfolio:  or you can scale in […]

COF-P Preferreds

COF-P Capital One Financial Preferred is paying just under 7%.  Not callable until 2017 which is a positive.  I would not pay more than $25.00 If you are not interested in buying single issues, you can also consider SPFF, a preferred ETF.  You must be aware that this contains approx. 88% financials which can be […]

Financial Advisors

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Fiscal Cliff-Let’s Jump

December 12 I hope we go over the cliff.  OK don’t throw rotten eggs my way. It will force up taxes slightly for everyone, and will force the Washington morons to cut costs. A good thing in my opinion.  The world is not going to come to an end if we fall over.  Ignore the […]

PHD Buy for rising interest rates—eventually.

December 11 (Scroll up to see new comments in March)  Pioneer Floating Rate Trust PHD is a buy today.  A leveraged closed end fund.  Pays about 7% but the real reason to buy is the anticipation of rising interest rates.  Do your due diligence to see if this is right for you.  Rates will not […]


(Update:  This thing is taking off like a rocket.  Do not buy at current prices.)  SDIV could be a buy if we get a pullback.  The ex divi date was Dec 3 and may give a decline and better entry price.  Below is a description that I copied from a web site.  SDIV pays around […]

Hold On To Your Stock Positions

Back on November 21, I suggested that if the markets reached 1421, stocks should be sold and profits taken Well it now appears the highest probability for the stock market is to go Higher.  So hold on.  I think the crooks in Washington will avoid the fiscal cliff and stocks should be ok. REITs, corporate […]