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ARR 15% Return!

Wednesday After Thanksgiving 2012 You can add at market:  Armour REIT ARR.  Pays around 15% and is good for your IRA.  If you do not own ARR, buy a little, but never more than one percent of the total portfolio. ARR is a real estate investment trust and you should plan on holding long term.


Stocks:  A Christmas rally is the highest probability.  If you want to participate, buy SPY or a broad based etf. But remember that SPY has been declining since Sept 2012 and we have to assume that trend will continue.  So if we get up to 1420 with SPY sell and take your profits.  Obviously things […]

Thanks OBammer

Stocks.  Wow.  What else can you say.  The significant decline continues but there are signs we are reaching the bottom.  The morons in Washington, on both sides of the aisle, realize they have to reach a consensus.  If that happens the stock markets will go up. “The electorate of America now cares more about being […]


MLPL E-TRACS 2XMonthly Leveraged Long Alerian MLP Infrastructure Index is an MLP Note that pays around 11%.  A long term hold that can be purchased in the range of $35.00-$37.00 (Update Buy at $32.99) This is specifically designed for your IRA Account. MLPL is more on the risky side.  A single position should never constitute […]


Bonds:  Buy JZT (Kraft) corporate bond trust around $25.15.  Paying 6%.  Long term hold.


Bonds:  JZV (CNA) corporate bond trust is a buy around $25.40 paying 7%. Stocks:  Altho we may see a short term bounce, stocks are still in a long term down trend and it would not be shocking to see much lower prices.


Purchase NKA at $10.96. Niska Gas Storage Partners operates natural gas storage assets in North America.  Pays around 12%.  Long term hold.

Day After

Dividend Payers:  Watching prices go lower and trying to identify some good prices allowing us to load up on positions that look appealing.  Purchase PIY (Frontier) in range of $25.40 paying 8%. Stocks:  Many people expected a stock crash if Obama won.  And they were right. This can be a good thing.  As they say, […]


Placed order for JZT, KRAFT corporate bonds (corporate backed trust certificates).  Buy limit at $25.39 paying 5.66%. Buy to hold long term.  JZT may drop to $25.20 and I will watch in attempting to buy at a lower price than the buy limit of $25.39. Everything is on hold until the election on Tuesday.  The […]

LNCO For Your IRA-Update Do NOT Buy

Go to “Investments Core Portfolio” for current holdings. Update June 2014 Go to Core Portfolio for update on LNCO. I see Cramer is once again pushing LNCO)  (Update:  Dec 19.  Can add or buy at $36.93.)  This is a fabulous new investment vehicle suited for people that want to put master limited partnerships in their […]