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“However, with another huge round of free sugar on the way from the government, I suspect the much anticipated correction will be pushed further down the road… maybe until after the election… but, that is a guess… just a guess. This is why our asset management approach is to ride the trend higher, but always keep stops as high as possible… just in case.” (Turner Capital Investments)

August 5, 2020. A reminder that we own GGN in the Core Portfolio, the gold position, that pays 14%.

It looks like the corrupt politicians are going to send a few more TRILLIONS into the economy and futures are UP again this morning. Of course this is going to end badly, eventually. Just be sure and have sell stops in place to protect yourself.

We still have a buy order for FIV at $8.34. We may get lucky and have this filled.

We bought ten shares of XLF last week…..we have 90 cent profit. LOL SELL.


VIDEO Absolutely hysterical 46 minute video showing demented Biden talking nonsense……….Circulate to everyone you know. How could anyone vote for this idiot. MUST WATCH.

Cramer on CNBC talks about the over valued stock market.

“Last night, I told you not to overthink the run in the Covid stocks. Sometimes the market rallies and it makes perfect sense,” the “Mad Money” host said. “Then there are days like today, when I can’t take how stupidly bullish this market can be.”

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Universal Basic Income Is Not An Economic Savior

August 3, 2020. We are still expecting moderate declines in SPY/DOW heading into late August and September. BUT the general indices have remained strong, much to our surprise, and we simply have to wait and watch. The Core Portfolio remains primarily in bonds.

Last week we bought additional BOND positions. We are still holding a Buy Limit order on FIV at $8.34 as it did not fill.

SELL SLB that we bought last week.


CNN Piece on What Critical Swing Voters Are Thinking Now and It’s Dynamite


Why is nobody talking about this cure for Covid? FULL ARTICLE


Favipiravir 200 mg is the first oral antiviral medication under the trade name FabiFlu for the treatment of mild to severe COVID-19 cases, Glenmark Pharmaceutical launch this medication.  This medicine shows 80-88% efficacy in global clinical trials and it is currently used in Japan and UAE for the Covid-19 treatment.

On 19 June 2020, India drug regulator approved Fabiflu for oral administration in India.


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NOW IN OUR 8TH YEAR. This blog is intended for INCOME investors. IF you are heavily invested in stocks, caution is advised as we head in August. Go to the Core Portfolio for current holdings. Don’t forget to hit the like button. This blog is designed for retired investors seeking income. We receive NO compensation from the ‘crass’ ads that WordPress inserts.

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Friday July 31, 2020. Owl Rock Capital Corporation ORCC

Purchased Corporate Bonds: CUSIP 69121KAC8

Pays 3.8% which is ok considering the current interest rate environment: better than CDs and money markets which pay nothing. Matures June 2025. ORCC is a higher quality Business Development Company…..the bonds are barely rated investment grade.

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July 31, 2020. Buying Two TERM Closed End Funds. We really like funds that have a specific termination date at which time they close.

  • JHB Nuveen High Income November 2021 Target Term Fund Filled at $9.13
  • FIV First Trust Senior Floating Rate 2022 Target Term Fund Limit Order at $8.36

Nuveen High Income November 2021 Target Term Fund
Ticker Symbol: JHB     CUSIP: 67077N106     Exchange: NYSESecurity Type:   Closed-End ETF  —  ETF SubType:   High Yield Income Fund
Company’s Online Profile

FUND DESCRIPTION:  Nuveen High Income November 2021 Target Term Fund is an exchange-traded closed-end fund (CEF) or a closed-end ETF that is officially described as a diversified, closed-end management investment company. INVESTMENT OBJECTIVE: The Nuveen High Income November 2021 Target Term Fund seeks to provide a high level of current income and return the original $9.85 net asset value per common share on or about 11/1/2021. FUND STRATEGY: The Fund seeks to achieve its investment objectives by investing, under normal circumstances, at least 80% of its Managed Assets in corporate debt securities, and separately at least 80% of its Managed Assets in securities that, at the time of investment, are rated below investment grade (BB+/Ba1 or lower) or are unrated but deemed equivalent by the sub-adviser. The Fund’s subadviser employs a bottom-up approach that seeks to identify securities across diverse sectors that are undervalued or mispriced. In seeking to return the target amount of $9.85 per share to investors on or about the Termination Date, the Fund intends to utilize various portfolio and cash flow management techniques, including setting aside a portion of its net investment income, possibly retaining gains and limiting the longest maturity of any holding to no later than 5/1/2022. The average maturity of the Fund’s holdings is generally expected to shorten as the Fund approaches its Termination Date, which may reduce interest rate risk over time but which may also reduce amounts otherwise available for distribution to shareholders. The Fund anticipates using leverage to achieve its investment objectives. The Fund may invest up to 30% of its Managed Assets in securities of foreign corporations and governments, including up to 20% of its Managed Assets in securities of emerging markets issuers. The Fund also may invest in certain derivative instruments in pursuit of its investment objectives. Such instruments include financial futures contracts and options thereon, swaps (including interest rate and currency swaps), options on swaps and other derivative instruments. The Fund intends, on or about the Termination Date, to cease its investment operations, liquidate its portfolio (to the extent possible), retire or redeem its leverage facilities, and distribute all its liquidated net assets to Common Shareholders of record. FUND MANAGEMENT: Nuveen Fund Advisors serves as the Fund’s investment adviser. Nuveen Asset Management serves as the sub-adviser to the Fund.

First Trust Senior Floating Rate 2022 Target Term Fund (FIV)

Fund Summary|News & Literature|Historical Pricing|Distribution History|Contact Fund

Investment Objective/Strategy – First Trust Senior Floating Rate 2022 Target Term Fund (the “Fund”) is a diversified, closed-end management investment company. The investment objectives of the Fund are to seek a high level of current income and to return $9.85 per Common Share of beneficial interest of the Fund (the original net asset value (“NAV”) per Common Share before deducting offering costs of $0.02 per Common Share) to the holders of Common Shares on or about February 1, 2022. The Fund, under normal market conditions, pursues its objectives by primarily investing at least 80% of its Managed Assets in a portfolio of senior secured floating-rate loans of any maturity.

Fascinating article from Mike Rowe, “Dirty Jobs” fame:

Dr. Osterholm is the Director of Infectious Disease Research and Policy. This is the same epidemiologist who ten years ago, predicted a coronavirus would come from China and turn our country upside down. In his book “Deadliest Enemies,” he anticipated the utterly irresponsible way in which the media would report on the situation, the completely opportunistic and shamelessly political way our leaders would likely react, and the unprecedented chaos and confusion that would arise from all the mixed messages from the medical community.

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July 30, 2020. Investors are running into the safety of bonds (which we own) and gold. They are scared. Rising gold typically foretells a decline in SPY/DOW. And that is what we have been forecasting for August.

We are expecting a pullback in gold, and may buy at lower prices.

Read below: watch what the biggie techs report tonight. Very important.

BUYING VERY SMALL STARTER POSITIONS IN XLF AND SLB, FINANCIALS AND ENERGY. These are momentum trades: will be adding IF they move up.


“While markets are bracing for a slew of earnings from the tech giants, they will also get economic data that’s will show the biggest contraction in U.S. GDP on record. Thursday marks the first time the four of the biggest U.S. tech companies — Apple, Amazon.com, Alphabet and Facebook — will post financial results on the same day, with expectations running high as their valuations soared over the past three months. Shares of the companies, which have a combined market value of about $5 trillion, fell between 0.6% and 0.9% premarket. On Wednesday, the CEOs of the four companies took jabs from lawmakers for antitrust issues.

Tonight could be a pivot for markets with four of the big tech companies reporting earnings,” said Berndt Maisch, a senior portfolio manager at Tresides Asset Management. “Their stocks are so super expensive and hence offer very little room for any disappointment. Should they miss the high expectations that could lead to a significant market shake up. We can already see that nervousness within European markets today.”


True to their word, four years later, Google is deliberately working to interfere with the reelection of Trump in 2020.

There are several ways in which Google is interfering in the 2020 election, but this article will focus primarily on one of them: political search bias.

Google Has Been Purging Breitbart Content from Search Results Since the 2016 Election



Our URL http://www.luvthosedividends.com will be discontinued. This URL will be used: http://www.luvthosedividends.wordpress.com

NOW IN OUR 8TH YEAR. This blog is intended for INCOME investors. IF you are heavily invested in stocks, caution is advised as we head in August. Go to the Core Portfolio for current holdings. Don’t forget to hit the like button. This blog is designed for retired investors seeking income.

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July 27, 2020. SPY is way up, and now declining this morning.

We are in earnings season and this week is hot and heavy with Amazon and the other biggies reporting on Thursday. So the traders are anxiously watching to see how the tech stocks, specifically, unfold.

We still remain mostly in bonds, and the Core Portfolio has been doing well. The objective of the Core Portfolio is to collect dividends, NOT necessarily capital appreciation.

When all is said and done, we still project declines FOR STOCKS into the end of August…..possibly to 2830 which is the number we have mentioned before. This is not a catastrophe but people that did NOT sell their stocks will be upset. Weather we decide to sell our BONDS and go to cash, or just hold on, is still up for debate. We plan on BUYING new positions if SPY hits lows in late August or early September.

As Trump pushes for children to return to school across the country in the fall, provoking understandable fears that this might spark a surge in deaths, it’s worth remembering that the virus’s propensity to infect and kill the most vulnerable patients has been substantially mitigated as health-care professionals have honed their techniques, and studies have shed more light on the ability of therapeutics like remdesivir to help patients with the most severe symptoms. Dexamethasone also comes to mind, as at least one high-quality study has shown the drug to be surprisingly effective in patients with severe symptoms. Hydroxychloroquine, a common anti-malarial drug that has been commonly used for decades, has been shown in a handful of studies to slow the disease’s advance during the early stages, though some studies examining the drug’s impact on seriously ill patients have shown undesirable side effects in a small number of patients.

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July 24, 2020. We are buying a small starter position in HTD. This is a closed end fund that pays over 8% and sells at a discount of over 11% Note this CEF uses leverage and is therefore more risky by definition.

John Hancock Tax-Advantaged Dividend Income Fund
Ticker Symbol: HTD     CUSIP: 41013V100     Exchange: NYSESecurity Type:   Closed-End ETF  —  ETF SubType:   Tax Advantaged Income Fund
Company’s Online Profile

FUND DESCRIPTION:  John Hancock Tax-Advantaged Dividend Income Fund is an exchange-traded closed-end fund or a closed-end ETF which is officially described in its prospectus as a diversified, closed-end management investment company. INVESTMENT OBJECTIVE: The Fund’s investment objective is to provide a high level of after-tax total return from dividend income and capital appreciation. FUND STRATEGY: Under normal market conditions, the Fund will invest at least 80% of its assets in dividend-paying common and preferred securities that the adviser believes at the time of acquisition are eligible to pay dividends which, for individual shareholders, qualify for U.S. federal income taxation at rates applicable to long-term capital gains. The Fund may invest the remainder of its assets in other equity and fixed income securities the income from which does not qualify for such tax treatment. In selecting securities for the Fund’s portfolio, the Adviser also considers the potential for capital appreciation. The Fund intends to concentrate its investments in securities issued by U.S. corporations in the related groups of industries comprising each of the utilities sector and the financial services sector. 


Stocks are taking a breather, but we would not be surprised to see SPY head up to 3400, the high it hit before Covid. The stock markets just love, love to go up and “hit the bell” at the even numbers. We shall see.

Still stunned at the strength of stocks. But Trump keeps talking about a virus vaccine in October (just before the election!!!) to help his poll numbers.

Trump was elected as a disruptor and we sure as hell have had disruption.


So, there we are. The United States is troubled by a pandemic that the government seems unable to respond to which has produced record unemployment and bankruptcies. Meanwhile, guns and liquor and even coins are in demand while frightened citizens are building home defenses. And much of the government at all levels acts like it is either on the side of or afraid of the destroyers. America certainly has always had flaws but it was once a land of opportunity where people could prosper and enjoy more freedom than nearly anywhere else. Those days are gone so just relax and turn on the evening news. Watch a once proud country with a resilient and hard-working people come apart before your very eyes.READ FULL ARTICLE HERE

… insiders have had enough and, confirming that valuations are in some cases even beyond dot com levels, have turned from rabid buyers into sellers with data from The Washington Service showing that nearly 1,000 corporate executives and officers have sold shares in their own companies this month, outpacing insider buyers by a ratio of 5-to-1.

How big is this insider selling frenzy in context? According to Bloomberg, “only twice in the past three decades has the sell-buy ratio been higher than now.” FULL ARTICLE

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July 21, 2020. Invesco Dynamic Credit Opportunities

VTA is a closed end fund with about 32% leverage. Anytime you have this level of leverage, you have risk. But you get a significant dividend level of 9.86%. BUY: VTA


  • A senior bank loan is a corporate loan repackaged into a bundle of corporate loans that is sold to investors.
  • Senior bank loans take priority over all of the other debt obligations of a borrower.
  • In the event of a bankruptcy, senior bank loans receive payment before other creditors, preferred stockholders, and common stockholders, when the assets of the borrower are sold off.
  • Senior bank loans are typically secured via a lien against the assets of the borrower.
  • Senior bank loans most often come with floating interest rates.
  • Historically, lenders that issue senior bank loans have been able to recover the entirety of the loan when the borrower has defaulted.
  • Senior bank loans typically provide high-yield returns for investors and protection against inflation



Longer term technical momentum indicators say the markets/SPY are going even higher. Markets are totally disconnected and not reflective of the REAL economy but hey who are we to argue. If you own stocks, just hold on for the ride but keep your stops in place. As long as Amazon and the FANG stocks keep spiking, SPY and DOW will not decline.



Very interesting article: the liberal media would lead you to believe the world is coming to an end with virus infections. But only 3% rate of hospitalization? And why in the hell are these stupid people not wearing masks? Link to full article below.

In the case of Florida, for instance, during the first 14 days of July, there have been 139,195 new cases reported, but only 4,322 new hospitalizations. So that means only 3.1 percent of this ballyhooed surge of cases was sick enough to even require hospitalization.

Needless to say, that’s not a crisis; it’s just one more part of the indictment against Fauci and his gang of malpracticing doctors. They have put the anti-Trump press into a rabid feeding frenzy, and that coverage, in turn, has caused the American public to head back into their Covid holes.

As it happened, three of the nation’s largest banks reported their totally confected earnings for Q2 this AM, but the one thing that stood out as meaningful was a collective $28 billion provision for future loan losses. That is, they see the massive wave of defaults set in motion by Fauci’s misbegotten Lockdown Nation strategy, and are getting prepared for the worst.

Meanwhile, the Fed’s lunatic $3 trillion injection of liquidity into the canyons of Wall Street since the Lockdown Nation incepted in mid-March continues to do its mischief, fueling a stock market bubble that gets more ludicrous (and dangerous) by the day. article


Do you want to know the truth about electric cars????

Electric Vehicles Won’t Save Us from Climate Change

Our URL http://www.luvthosedividends.com will be discontinued. This URL will be used: http://www.luvthosedividends.wordpress.com NOW IN OUR 8TH YEAR. This blog is intended for INCOME investors. IF you are heavily invested in stocks, caution is advised as we head in August. Go to the Core Portfolio for current holdings. Don’t forget to hit the like button. This blog is designed for retired investors seeking income.

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July 17, 2020. Markets opening relatively flat this morning, as we remain in a topping pattern.

But there is a high probability of a 10% or more decline as we enter August: over the last week, there has been a notable increase of published articles from respected advisors talking about a pullback. Be warned!

We are anticipating upward momentum in the Fall heading to the election……looks like Trump is in trouble. (see graph at bottom)

Here is an excellent article on the financial markets:

Smart money is dumping stocks as Robinhood daytraders panic buy. Retail is about to be turned into long-term bagholders. 

For more color on why equities could slump in the second half, we recently noted the Federal Reserve’s balance sheet is contracting, realtime indicators show the recovery has stalled, and valuations are stretched. 

The Fed’s balance sheet increased from $3 trillion to $7.2 trillion during the pandemic. At the same time, the S&P500 soared as the balance sheet expanded. However, in recent weeks, the balance sheet has contracted, resulting in S&P500 having trouble sustaining 3,200, despite the barrage of virus vaccine headlines.


DID YOU KNOW there are recall petitions out for the radical left mayors of Seattle, Detroit, Boise, and the gov. of California??? TOO FUNNY. Kick em out.

Here is a new book we have ordered.

This is not good for Trump.

Infographic: Party Affiliation Sees Massive Shift | Statista

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July 15, 2020. Yesterday morning we were wondering if the markets were in a topping process.

After we posted, the DOW went up 550. And this morning it is UP ANOTHER 550.

Wow talk about crazy shit. I guess you could argue this is a topping process, but man, this is incomprehensible.

Conventional wisdom will tell you this is a good place to start REDUCING exposure to stocks. But nobody will listen to that advice.

This is not our first rodeo and we have learned that bubbles like this burst. So yes you can ride the wave and continue holding. But be alert and have your sell stops in place.


NYT ‘Chief Threat To Democracy’: Eric Weinstein Takes Flamethrower To Paper Of Record After Bari Weiss Quits

Eric Weinstein, managing director of Thiel Capital and host of The Portal podcast, has gone scorched earth on the New York Times following the Tuesday resignation of journalist Bari Weiss.

Weinstein describes how The Times has morphed into an activist rag – refusing to cover “news” unpaletable to their narrative, while ignoring key questions such as whether Jeffrey Epstein’s sex-trafficking ring was “intelligence related.” GO HERE FOR ARTICLE

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