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March 15, 2018

TICCL went ex-dividend today.  If it gets down to around $25.30 you can buy or add to the position.  It pays 6.3%.  This position has been working well for us.


We saw a positive article in SeekingAlpha.com on CGBD which is a holding in the Core Portfolio.  The price is now below what we paid.  You can buy now, or wait for a lower price when it goes ex-dividend at the end of the month.  Pays 8.3%.  All business development companies have declined in price, but it appears a turn-around is coming.

NOTE:  If BDC’s do in fact start on the upswing we will look at BDCL which is a leveraged CEF that pays 20%.  This is of course high risk, but we have owned in the past and had good luck.

Some copy pulled from article linked below:

For the quarter ended December 31, 2017, CGBD hit my best case projections mostly due to higher-than-expected income from increased portfolio yields and an increase in ‘other income’ from higher prepayment fees, covering its dividend by 115%. It is important to note that most of the recent increases were from recurring sources of dividend coverage implying the potential for a dividend increase or at least special dividends in the coming quarters.


“Total investment income was about $50 million, up $7 million versus the third quarter. The drivers of the meaningful increase were threefold: First, higher interest income from loans, based primarily on higher average investments outstanding over the course of the quarter, higher OID accretion on repaid positions and increasing LIBOR; second, growth in other income, primarily from higher call premiums and amendment fees; and third, growth in interest and dividend income from the JV as we continue to scale that vehicle.”



Here is another book you may be interested in.  If you want to be depressed read it!!!



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March 13, 2018

The Core Portfolio is now 18% in cash:  the lowest level in, well, as far as we can remember.  We are now so heavily invested that there is no cash for new investments.  But we have some corporate bonds maturing and may be buying again.  Watching to add TICCL (ex dividend March 15) and buy IRM.  The recent buy, WPC, is heading upward very slowly. 

The liberal’s hatred for Trump are clouding their understanding of his policies that are really helping the economy:  so we stay invested.  The heavy negative press is stunning.

One of the recent additions, BLOK, is finally starting to act well.  If you did not buy yet, a small entry level position would be ok:  but remember this thing does not pay dividends.  Go here for more info:



We listen to a limited number of “financial” people on the radio and web-casts.  They keep talking about how the entire media network is owned by ONLY six media kings and how we are being brain-washed by ABC, NBC, CNN (Clinton News Network), et al.

Have these fools never heard of the Internet ?  Do they think we are a bunch of rubes sitting on the stupid bench listening only to CNN and ABC??  If everyone were listening to the liars on CNN they would not be at the BOTTOM of the ratings.

Yes we do know people who only watch fake news CNN and feel they are getting a balanced picture of what is going on.  Give me a break.

We do not watch the big networks including CNBC.

We have literally dozens of non-mainstream financial related web sites that are visited on a continual basis throughout the day….we want to get the other side of the story.  We RARELY listen to the fake news networks….most of the time we do not even listen to FOX.

NO we do not get our news from the big six ultra liberal fake news networks.  To get the real story, develop your list of websites that give you the in-biased truth, or at least the other side of the story. 

Go to “About-Links” tab for more.

Speaking of bullshit, we are going to watch the new Scientology network to see what lies they are dishing out.  Can this be worse than CNN?


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March 8, 2018

We are picking up the new Media Madness from the library.  It is getting good reviews and will let you know our thoughts.

According to the media, Donald Trump could never become president. Now many are on a mission to prove he shouldn’t be president. The Trump administration and the press are at war―and as in any war, the first casualty has been truth. Bestselling author Howard Kurtz, host of Fox News’s Media Buzz and former Washington Post columnist, offers a stunning exposé of how supposedly objective journalists, alarmed by Trump’s success, have moved into the opposing camp.


Update:  We were filled at $61.18.

We placed a limit order for a very small number of shares of WPC at $61.18.  Here is some copy that we have already posted a few weeks back.  We will be adding if this stock keeps rising.

W.P. Carey Inc. (WPC) is a top-shelf commercial property REIT that I consider to be a “Strong Buy” on the drop. The real estate investment trust has consistently raised its dividend payout in the last twenty years, the dividend is covered by cash flow, W.P. Carey has a conservative AFFO payout ratio, and shares are cheap after the most recent stock market correction. W.P. Carey’s entry dividend yield has spiked to 6.7 percent, which is not a red flag in my opinion.
Stocks, including REITs, were in for a rough 2018 so far as strong employment data triggered a major sell-off in the stock market. Investors’ fears: Wage growth points to higher inflation, which in turn could prompt the U.S. Federal Reserve to raise interest rates at a faster clip in 2018. The Fed has guided for three interest rate hikes this year, but may lift rates faster and more often if inflation picks up steam throughout the year. The consequence: Bond yields have been rising, which often hurts dividend-paying stocks (bond yields have become more attractive relative to stock yields).
The sell-off has weighed on all stocks, but especially dividend-paying stocks including W.P. Carey. Year-to-date, W.P. Carey’s shares have dropped ~13 percent.



Immediately after the passage of the tax reform bill, companies lined up to garner “political favor” by issuing out $1000 bonus checks to employees. While the mainstream media, and the White House, gushed over the “immediate success” of tax reform, the bigger picture was entirely missed.
A $1000 bonus to an employee is a one-time “feel good” event. Wage increases are “permanent and costly.”
The reality is that companies are NOT increasing wages because higher wages increase tax liability, benefit costs, etc. Higher payroll costs erode bottom line profitability. In an economy with very weak top-line revenue growth, companies are extremely protective of profitability to meet Wall Street estimates and support their share price which directly impacts executive compensation.
So, while companies are gaining media attention, and political favor, by issuing one-time bonus checks; the bottom 80% of workers are falling woefully behind the top 20%.


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March 6, 2018

We have added to positions in the last few weeks, but other than that, we are just waiting and watching:

specifically WPC.  This thing appears to be bottoming and we may be buying in the near future.  We already own their corporate bond but the stock pays 6.6%.  We like to buy stuff when it is on sale and WPC is now at the bottom of its’ long term range.


Image result for oscars 2018

Welll…….the Oscar ratings are down about 18% and with the decline last year, they have lost about 23% of their audience in the last two years.  Not surprising considering that peeps are sick and tired of their liberal rants, not to mention the CRAPPY movies.

As retirees, we have seen many, many Oscar shows and Best Picture winners.  This year’s list has been the worst collection of flicks ever.

And the winner is:  The Shape of Water.  Really?  How can this load of crap win anything.  It is truly a sorry state of affairs.  Has Hollywood gone off the tracks?  Jumped the shark? 

We remember the truly ‘golden years’ years of Hollywood which included truly great movies:  all of these won Best Picture:

Rocky, Godfather, Patton, Lawrence of Arabia, Ben Hur, Gone With The Wind, Gladiator (Our fave movie of all time, Goldfinger, is not on the list lol.)

Sadly, it appears the good years are gone.

………………….We suggest you buy a super large screen TV and get NETFLIX.



The equation is very simple – when individuals are stressed over finances they are less active sexually.
This was shown in a recent study by the National Bureau of Economic Research. Ahead of the past three US recessions, the number of conceptions began to fall at least six months before the economy started to contract. As the FT notes, while previous research has shown how birth rates track economic cycles, the scientific study is the first to show that fertility declines are a leading indicator of recessions.
Daniel Hungerman, economics professor at the University of Notre Dame and one of the report’s authors, said
“It is ‘striking’ that the drop in pregnancies was evident before the recession that came after the 2007 financial crisis, since it has traditionally been argued that this slump had been hard to predict.”
The analysis used data on the 109 million births in the US between 1989-2016 to examine how fertility rates changed through the last three economic cycles — in the early 1990’s, the early 2000’s, and the late 2000’s. A similar pattern emerged in all three cases.
In other words, less sex with the intent to procreate.

Go here for the full story:


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March 2, 2018

The markets are really heating up.  We have had it so good for so long, it is hard to hold the emotions in check when you see huge swings.

We are making NO changes for now.  The Core Portfolio is holding up about as well as expected.  Remember that we hold numerous INDIVIDUAL bonds WITH THE EXPECTATION THEY ARE HELD TO MATURITY.  Do not make the mistake of getting nervous and selling….prices will decline as interest rates rise.  (Remember the dividends keep coming in.)  Again, we do not see significant interest rate hikes, despite what the fake news media is telling you.


LOL NOT even Democrats care about Russia.

One issue rarely cited: Russian meddling in U.S. elections. Fewer than one percent —just three Democrats and two independents among 1,000 registered voters surveyed — identified that as the most important issue to them.



Here is why the crooked politicians do NOT want to change gun laws:

If you add it all up — candidate and party contributions, independent expenditures, and lobbying — the NRA has spent $203.2 million on political activities since 1998.


We own LADR in the Core Portfolio.  Due to price appreciation, we would NOT be adding to this position.

Ladder Capital Corp. brings a lot to the table for income investors. The commercial real estate finance company has loaded up on floating-rate loans in the last several years, which are set to produce higher net interest income in a rising rate environment. Ladder Capital Corp. covers its dividend payout with core earnings rather easily, and recently hiked its dividend from $0.30/share to $0.315/share, reflecting an increase of 5 percent. An investment in LADR yields 8.5 percent and comes with upside. Buy for income and capital appreciation.


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February 28, 2018

We are looking at buying more of NLYPRF.  The link to the original post is pasted below.

This position is going ex-dividend today paying a very nice 43 cent dividend.

The limit order is placed at $24.75 but it looks like we may have to change this to a limit buy at $24.83. 



Jeff Bezos is the richest person in the world, with a personal net worth of $108 billion. In 2017, Bezos’ company, the internet retail giant Amazon, reportedly took in $5.6 billion in U.S. profits.

So, how much did Amazon pay in income tax on that bounty? Hang on, we’re getting some news…what? What’s this? Amazon effectively paid zero dollars in federal income taxes in 2017? Oh.


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February 26. 2018

Update:  We were finally filled on the KCAPL order.  Sometimes patience pays out.

MOVIES:  Annihilation. If you need a sleeping pill then head for this disaster.  Probably one of the worst movies you will ever see.  Who finances this crap.  Do they really expect to make a profit.


WE do NOT anticipate significant increases in interest rates. We continue holding the numerous bond holdings in the Core Portfolio:  but watching closely.

While I’m not recommending to fight the trend, I believe investors should be aware of whether they’re trading like the “dumb money” (or “the crowd”) or “smart money.” Right now, “the crowd” believes that much higher rates are inevitable because they’re ignoring the fact that our economic recovery is not as healthy as it seems and that stocks are incredibly overvalued. “The crowd” will soon experience a rude awakening that this economic boom is not what it appears to be, which will likely cause them to seek the relative safety of Treasuries once again.



Will one of Trump’s so-called smart advisors tell him to STOP talking about his F___G military parade.  This is America, not Russia with Stalin standing on the podium or Germany.  Eeeegads.  Why are we spending money on such a folly.


The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Friday shows that 50% of Likely U.S. Voters approve of President Trump’s job performance. Forty-nine percent (49%) disapprove.
This is the president’s highest job approval rating since mid-June of last year. President Obama earned 45% approval on this date in the second year of his presidency.


The riches go to the top 1%.  Are you shocked?

Not surprisingly, our guess that corporations would utilize the benefits of “tax cuts” to boost bottom line earnings rather than increase wages has turned out to be true. As noted by Axios, in just the first two months of this year companies have already announced over $173 BILLION in stock buybacks. This is “financial engineering gone mad” and something RIA analyst, Jesse Colombo, noted yesterday:
“How have U.S. corporations been deploying their new influx of capital? Unlike in prior cycles – when corporations favored long-term business investments and expansions – corporations have largely focused on juicing their stock prices via share buybacks, dividends, and mergers & acquisitions. While this pleases shareholders and boosts executive compensation, this short-term approach is detrimental to the long-term success of American corporations. The chart below shows the surge in share buybacks and dividends paid, which is a direct byproduct of the current artificially low interest rate environment. Even more alarming is the fact that share buybacks are expected to exceed $1 trillion this year, which would blow all prior records out of the water. The passing of President Donald Trump’s tax reform plan was the primary catalyst that encouraged corporations to dramatically ramp up their share buyback plans.”


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